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I was born 1990 in Schmalkalden, Germany. I started my study as 'Bachelor of Science, Computer Science' in 2010 at the FH Schmalkalden.
I finished my bachelor in 2013 and signed in for the 'Master of Science, Media Information Technology', again at the FH Schmalkalden. I Also finished this study in 2015.

I'm programming software since I'm 14 years old and started with game development. Nowadays I've focused on Android-Development, Web-Applications and Windows Software.

I usually work in Java, C/C++, PHP or C# for programming and use private SVN-Repros for syncing my work. I use Android Studio or Eclipse as my primary software environments. I'm also working with common frameworks for web-development like Drupal, Magento, Wordpress, Bootstrap or jQuery.
Since end of 2016, I work as an angular2 and web-developer for a company in Thuringia.

I speak German (Mother tonque) and English.


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